Coronavirus (COVID-19) Specialised Cleaning In Perth

SAME-DAY Infectious Control Cleaning @ Reasonable Rates

Ever since the out-break of this novel COVID-19 virus, more and more customers are turning towards DOMESTIC CLEANING DEZONE to deliver them bespoke COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection as per their requirements.

Operating in complete adherence to the Governments’ Cleaning & Disinfection Guidelines; we adopt the most innovative approach with industry-approved cleaning equipment to deliver you optimal infectious virus control cleaning and disinfection every time.

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Home > Covid-19

Our Attention-To-Detail COVID-19 Cleaning Is Conducted In 2 Different Stages.

(STAGE 1 )

“We Clean & Disinfect all commonly touched surfaces and high-traffic areas. They include as follows!

  • Every entry and exit point
  • Every light plugs and switch boards
  • All walls and the entire hallway
  • Skirting board cleaning
  • All flat surfaces, doors, drawers, mirrors, windows (even door knobs and handles)
  • Every chair, table and furniture upholstery
  • Clearing and disinfecting waste bins
  • Coffee tables and couches
  • Window handles, trims, frames as well as blinds
  • Garage cleaning
  • All Bathrooms, toilets disinfection (covering sinks and around washing machine’s door)
  • Cleaning all kitchen aspects namely (doors, handles, cookware, cook-top cooking appliances, storage cabinets, microwave, kitchen sink, refrigerator, dishwasher floors, walls and so on)
  • Computers/laptops, mouse, external keyboards, monitors
  • And other surfaces which are touched several times throughout the day



Once we have cleaned and disinfected each of these aforementioned aspects properly and with the use of proper COVID-19 cleaning solutions; we head over to our second STAGE- which entails proper Disinfecting Via Fogging.

Our applied fogging and disinfecting products react within 10-15 minutes at best. And the best part being – our used fogging products will harm no pets, children or senior members.

Furthermore, once we are done with our share of the agreement; our team will also be happy to recommend you a list of quality COVID-19 disinfectants easily accessible throughout Perth to use for daily cleaning and disinfection.

Ready To Book Our Comprehensive COVID-19 Cleaning & Disinfection

We have been delivering attention-to-detail COVID-19 cleaning (& other range of professional cleaning services) to each of our service-seeking clients in and across Perth.

We take up cleaning requests all 7-days a week & keep our service pages at competitive industry adhering prices for your convenience.

So, whenever you’re ready – SCHEDULE A VISIT!